Business Consultancy & Development

Heijnes Business Consultancy & Development is the business-unit within the group which is specialized in advising companies in a start up stage or stage of growth and suffer from a lack of expertise to expand in a responsible way.

Our advice is also based upon a SWOT-examination in order to determine the chances for expansion, or how to create those chances. Adjustment of staffing or the legal strucure of the company. Another option could be to alter the location of the company, or the range of products etc.

It is our experience that there are often more options to make progress. But frequently the management is too much focussed on the daily business and due to that there is no evaluation for other improvements of the organization.

Heijnes Business Consultancy & Development has assisted (small) companies in the past to expand in a responsible way. A very fortunate example is the retailer, holding 1 shop only with a good range of products, who expanded with our management and know how into a large franchise chain of over 40 branches throughout the Netherlands.

Merger or acquisition of companies: Heijnes Business Consultancy & Development is capable to advise and manage the whole process.

With our practical and direct approach, we make it easy for our clients to notice a clear and fast result. This also reduces the expenses.

For our Dutch clients we have a service to recruit members for the Raad van Commissarissen.

We provide services to foreign companies to establish a business in the Netherlands. Contact us for detailed information regarding our tailor-made solutions.